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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phases of Excitement

Ever since going through my world wind romance with my husband, falling in love is something that I find to be romantic, fun and exciting. The first phase is the beginning and the excitement you feel every time you think about him or are with him.  The next phase of excitement comes after months or years of dating and the questions begin to surface: Do you think yall will get married? After those begin, you begin to think about it alot...ALOT! The next to last phase is the actual getting engaged and the fun parties that come along with it.  The final phase is GETTING MARRIED! THis was by far one of the best days of my life. The whole day   weekend was too amazing to be described.  

At my age (27), I have alot of friends getting married. Wedding season in the past couple of years breaks down as follows: 
2008: 7
2009: 8
2010: 6 (MY OWN would make it 7)

Of course, I wasn't in all of them and i couldn't attend them all but you get the point that I have alot of friends getting married.  

One person who I know who HAS been in alot of weddings and been such a great support system is my little sister Abby Stephens.  (She is not my biological little sister but she is means that much to me).  Her and RJ have been dating for quite a while.  They are such amazing people: so caring, generous and just a plain ole' good time. They taught me how to love and be loved! 

 Since you probably know where this is going....ABBY AND RJ ARE ENGAGED! We are all so excited and happy for them and cannot wait for the parties, parties and fun! Abby has some amazing friends who will be there to lend a helping hand and help her with this EXCITING time in their lives. I AM BEYOND OVER THE TOP EXCITED FOR THESE TWO! LOVE LOVE LOVE YALL!

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  1. Christie!! This is the nicest thing I've ever read...I can't believe what nice things you have to say about me!! You are the best big sister in the whole world, and you continue to inspire me each and every day. I love you so much! You referred to me as part of a "support system", but you have no idea how much support you've given me over the past five years. You've been everything a big sister should be and more...thank you for it ALL!!!:)