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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Results are In!

Every week I go in for my weekly weigh in. As many people who weigh in weekly, I have a weigh in routine.  Weight Watchers devotes a section in their new member tools that discusses the weekly weigh in and made me feel normal about my weird antics. OK, my weigh in "antics" are not exactly "too" weird but I do the following things:

1. Wear the EXACT same outfit every time. The first week my mom and I ACCIDENTALLY wore the same thing therefore have matched at every meeting for 7 weeks.
2. Make sure I go to the little girls room before I leave my house.
3. Wear my hair the same way and do not wear too much make up:)
4. Take off my shoes.
5. Take a deep breath, close my eyes and tell myself I did the best I did and ate healthy AND everything is going to be OK no matter what the scale says.

Totally weird, I know but it works for me. Next time you step on the scale and feel kinda crazy for doing weird quirky things before stepping on the scale please know you are not alone and that I am doing the same thing every Saturday.

This Saturday was no different. As mentioned previously, I changed my weigh in day so I knew that the loss might a little higher than normal.

I stepped on the scale and waited for the lady to say: "Good Job!" or " You are doing great keep up the good work" or "You look great, don't worry about the number".  She didn't say anything as they were really really really busy this morning and I didn't want to linger around for praise. I took my seat in the meeting and took out my weigh in book. I looked at the number...to my astonishment delight, I lost.....
3.2 LBS!

While I do realize this is not standard to loose this much in one week, I am over the top. This helps push me on days when I want to eat a Whataburger with Fries (while I know i could eat that it wouldn't leave me as satisfied as a home cooked meal would). It helps me when I get home from a long day of work and only want to plop down on our new very comfy couch and watch TV all night long instead of working out (its only 20-30 minutes anyway). 

The point of my long windiness/giddiness/ excitement is that whether is be + 3.2 lbs or -3.2 lbs, I did the best that I could, my clothes fit better AND I feel healthy! 

THANK YOU WEIGHT WATCHERS FOR HELPING ME LEARN BETTER EATING HABITS AND FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF. Thank you to my wonderful husband who has been soooo supportive.  Finally, thank you to myself for helping me know that I can do this and I will reach my goal!


  1. Awesome, Christie! I think the fact that you and your mom accidently wore the same outfit is hilarious!
    Keep up the healthy eating and blogging! I'll follow you.

  2. Too bad my scale was not as nice as yours! Of course I am not as focused as you are- this week I am going to do better!

    I am very proud of you. :)