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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

I am liking up with Neely and Amber this week for It's OK Thursday!  I had so much fun last week and gained a couple of new followers and had a great time reading the comments! SO.....

Its Ok Thursdays
Its OK.....

That I don't want to work out today after work! I worked out 4 days this week knowing that by Thursday I wouldn't have the energy to work out any more!!

It is the beginning of the Spring 2012 semester and it seems like all the crazies are in full force! I did read somewhere that this week we have had 1 full moon and tomorrow is Friday the 13th!!

To be sooo over work for this week. I have been working on this report for work and have grown bitter about office polices and the need for people to work the system!

To be looking forward to sleeping in on MONDAY since we don't have to work! Thank you MLK!

To be secretly thinking about my "splurge" for the weekend will be movie popcorn (NO BUTTER!), We are going to a "semi-private" showing of Joyful Noise. A lady from our church rented out the theatre since he son is the lead actor in the movie...opporiste Dolly Parton and Queen Latifia! HOW COOL!

To be anxious and excited about my 3 pair of crocs that are coming in the mail tomorrow! I have been waiting 2 weeks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE CROCS! I think this will make at least 20 pairs...I am slightly addicted but I have them in all styles and I am finally ordered the original style!

That my mom "cleaned" my house while she worked from there today. She is a clean freak (not that my house is THAT dirty) and so I LOVE it when she asks if she can work there while HER CLEANING LADY is at her house! I LOVE MY MOM!

That I seem to have a love affair with the exclamation point!!!!!!!

That I have been excited and thinking about what I would be writing about all week since I had so much fun last week participating in IT"S OK THURSDAY!!



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  2. I am so excited to sleep in on Monday too. I wish we had more 3 day weekends!!!

    1. YES! It would make tough weeks more bearable!!