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Monday, January 2, 2012

It was a great day...even if it was Monday & I had to work:)

Today was the first day of tracking my WW points....when I woke up  I felt like this: 

Mid-day and after my 3rd banana I realized remembered that it felt so good to eat the correct portions and feel satisfied all day: 

When I came home and began prepping dinner: Hungry Girl's Chop Chop Beef Stir Fry, brown rice and salad...get the recipe here!
Get the recipe! 
Here is how my dinner turned out: 
Stir Fry- 7 PP
1 cup of Brown Rice- 5 PP
2 1/2 cups of Lite Caesar Salad- 3 PP

I began to dread my work out which I had not done since NOVEMBER!  I got a new work out game: Fit in 6 and it kicked my butt AND it was SATISFYING!!  

I stayed within my points and had a yummy Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich! DELICIOUS!!

Our dinner was fabulous and I hope I AM SORE tomorrow and I will know in 9 short hours!

PS: Yes that is 9 hours, a girl's gotta sleep in order to loose this weight faster and it was a long day at work which most people in America had today off...bitter party of 1!

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