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I am a newlywed in my twenties. I love life and everything it brings me. I love finding a good deal, online news junkie and watching TV. I am learning how to eat healthier by following the Weight Watcher Points Plus Program!! 'Nothing Tastes as Good as SKINNY FEELS'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skinny Saturday

As I have mentioned before, I weigh in at Weight Watchers on Saturday at 9:30.  I had my typical "skinny clothes"  (as if that makes a big difference:) on and was ready to rock and roll. Anyway, we went to the 7:30 meeting which was WAY EARLY for a Saturday:) But I weighed in and the lady smiled and said: "YOU LOST 5 pounds!" I was very delighted and it felt good! As I mentioned before...nothing tastes as good as SKINNY FEELS!     It wasn't until I looked at my actual weight record thingy that I realized that lost 5.2 pounds! I need to make sure the WW lady knows that every pound counts....even .2! LOL! I know the weight loss won't be as big this week but hey...I will be happy if it is .2 ! HAPPY EATING!

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