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I am a newlywed in my twenties. I love life and everything it brings me. I love finding a good deal, online news junkie and watching TV. I am learning how to eat healthier by following the Weight Watcher Points Plus Program!! 'Nothing Tastes as Good as SKINNY FEELS'

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snacking...my love/hate affair:)

SNACKING...SNACKING...SNACKING! That is what i am doing....I have been eating this: 

2 PP for about 15 chips:) 

3 PP for 2 popcycles!

0 PP 

0 PP 

This on top of the huge plate of spaghetti I had for dinner...it was DELICOUS and very filling for 14 PP:) Just regular ole' spaghetti with meat sauce (96/5 meat)! My husband cooked it while I worked out which was so fabulous! 

But I tracked and worked out...that counts for something right!

Happy Eating!

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  1. I had spaghetti last night as well, and then went back later and had a huge salad! It must have been something in the air yesterday! I love your blog and am glad you're back. I've been on WW for a few years now and down 100 lbs. I have a bit more to goal but love having someone else to inspire me with new recipes!