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Friday, January 6, 2012

Boob Tube Babble!

I am linking up with Neely  and Ashley today for BoobTube Babble! I really like this "linking" thing as I got 4 new followers yesterday (WELCOME!) and loved the comments! It really makes blogging fun:) AND this linking helps me come up with creative new topics instead of talking about FOOD, FOOD, FOOD all the time:) I think this topic is right up my ally because I LOVE LOVE LOVE TV! I literally could spend all day watching tv...thanks to my mother wouldn't wouldn't quite let us lay around all day watching tv when I was younger, I don't quite mind doing it now! (seriously THANK YOU MOTHER...who knows what type of obese person I would have become:)

So here is goes:

My regular shows are coming back this week however, I was disappointed that my Thursday night line up was ALL RERUNS!! Return from vacation already...jeez!

Kim and Kourtney: This is my guilty pleasure!  I felt pretty bothered by the way Kim reacted to Kris wanting to know if Jonathan was gay. While it was obvious the boy was just being NOSEY, Kim clearly choose her friend over her husband which kinda pissed me off. She didn't need to make such a big deal about him wanting to know. On the same note, Kris could have asked Jonathan PRIVATELY and not with a bunch of cameras pointing on them...so I get why he was pissed! I have been thinking about this all week and have decided that both sides had the right to be offended...EITHER WAY it obvisouly made for good tv bc it is FRIDAY and I just wrote a paragraph talking about it!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: it picked up at the party where Taylor and Russell were not let in...I mean how embarrassing!   But their trip to Hawarii made me JEALOUS!!!  Jealous of the rooms, of their bodies and just the fact that they are a train wreck of FABULOUSITY!! My husband used to watch this with me bc he could stand it but now it is something he will watch if there is nothing else on the DVR:) Can't wait for next week!

Last Man Standing: I am a sucker for traditional sitcom and I love Time Allen so naturally I love this show. My husband thought that guest this week was Ryan Gossling! I thought he was nuts until I was telling my mom this and apparently she thought the same thing! What do you think?

Work It: This is a new show on ABC and I didn't have much for hope for it. Both my mom and husband  had made comments on how it would be stupid but it was actually pretty funny! I literally LOL! BUT i am a BIG FAN of traditional sitcoms. I can't wait to see if it sticks around! I li

Modern Family: LOVE THIS SHOW and so glad it is back. I kinda love Clair and Phil and have this slight feeling my husband and I are morphing into this duo (minus their comedic genius!) If you don't like this show I don't know if we can be friends

The Middle: This is me second season watching this show, and it is great and HILAROUS! I thought it was a great idea for the family to write out each other's resolution and they must stick to it! How fabulous is that!!

Revenge: have not watched the latest episode but according Facebook status on WEdnesday the episode is gooooood!

Parenthood: It is waiting to be watched on DVR!!! Can't wait and so happy it is back!

No new shows on Thursday...I don't think!

Dear NBC: Please bring back a new Parks and RecOffice, Whitney, 30 Rock, Up All Night....it is ok if you cancel Community ...I am kinda over it...sincerly, Christie:)

Also, when is Cougar Town going to come back ?!?!!?n!

 I am sure I missed some shows but these stood out the most this week...basically bc they ROCK! I know it seems I watched ALOT of TV and I do but I do have a life outside of TV world:)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Parenthood was good this week but I think that every week haha! I looooove Kim and Kourtney! Such a good episode! Next week looks awesome too! Draaamaaa!!!