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Friday, January 20, 2012

There is always that ONE person....

Everyone deals with some sort of BS at work. I don't care if you are a woman or man, work with 3 or 500 people. There is BS. I usually don't have to deal with much BS but it still comes my way. I just don't get it. Why can't people just do their jobs, get along with others and JUST DO THEIR JOB! I really wish it was ok for me to tell some people this:

Dear person who annoys the crap out of me, 

I work hard every day. I don't bother you unless you consider making sure works gets done and my boss has the answers he needs, "bothering you". I don't want to talk for 45 minutes with you in the kitchen or bathroom about useless information. We are not friends. I tried to but we are far to different in our thinking to have you over during the weekend.  We are coworkers and that is it. While my other coworkers and I may get along and talk about our weekends and such, there is no need for your BS. Do your job and bring something other than trouble to my desk and then we will talk. Until then I will awkwardly and quickly leave the kitchen and bathroom when you come in. Let's be cordial though and remember: we work in an office FULL of women who love to talk. If you say something, we will all find out. So until then just keep the little comments to your self. Have a great weekend!!

My little prayer: Lord, please give me strength and a good attitude when dealing with this person or any person of this nature. Amen.

Thank goodness it is not bad and makes my issues very SMALL:) 

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  1. I'm going to pass this on to my oldest son. He has a similar situation going on.
    Thanks for sharing,