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Friday, February 25, 2011

Weight Watchers: Point Plus

In December, Weight Watchers (WW)  decided to revamp their program and incorporate the new points plus.  I first found out about this from my grandmother who did not hide the fact that she did not like the new program.  She described it to be like "Adkins".  I was little discouraged but then I thought...I have lost 25 pounds on the old program therefore I KNOW i can do it on the new program because word on the street was FRUITS AND VEGETABLES are free (ZERO POINTS)!! I love fruits and I "get along" with vegetables.

I saw the "love" pounds pack on after my few months of marriage and I didn't want to be the FAT bridesmaid in a wedding that I will be in during the summer. I thought to myself that if I start in January, I will have plenty of time before the first fittings! And so it began...January 9, 2011.

My mother and I attended our first WW meeting and I was FLABBERGASTED at the number that showed up on the scale.  (To my defense I have always weighed more than I looked..I don't know why but I have always). I have only told my mother what that number was after a few glasses of champagne one night but I still undercut the number by 5-10 pounds as I was embarrassed.  The good thing (only good thing really:) is that when you first begin WW and follow the program you can expect some weight loss the first week. I am not saying this happens for everyone but when you change your eating habits you tend to drop the pounds. After the first week of following the program and eating SO MANY fruits and vegetables I was happy to weigh in and discover that I lost 5 pounds! I am now going on my 6th week and I have yet to gain any pounds. Some weeks I only lost .2 pounds but thats better and gaining .2 pounds.

I have read about several people who do not like the new points plus values.  As mentioned before I lost 25 pounds on the old points program. I could look at the nutrition facts and know how many points something was.  When I got back on the program before my wedding last year and  I was very comfortable with the point value that I didn't really learn anything new and DID NOT LOOSE THE WEIGHT THAT I AM LOOSING NOW.

I love to eat fruit and now that it is 0 points plus anytime I am hungry I eat fruit.  I have it for breakfast, lunch, snacks and my dessert. I have discovered that i got through about 4 pounds of strawberries in a week! I can't wait to start seeing the fruit prices go down sometime soon!   Another favorite snack of mine is frozen grapes. Those are soooo good and you have to eat them slow it is like a tasty treat that fills you up and takes a while to eat. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer like I this makes for a great thing to much without getting your fingers messy.

I will begin posting dinners that i have been cooking. Let me preface everything by saying these disclaimers:
1. I am not a cook.  However, I am a good recipe follower. I have a husband who loves good food so it is important to me to show him the wonderful food you can enjoy while being healthy.
2. I can't promise what I think is tasty you will also. I have been drinking skim milk and eating fat free cheese and sourcream for a while. It is an acquired taste but it didn't even phase my husband and he loves his whole milk and 'real' cheese.

I have also began a simple exercise program that i do for about 20-30  minutes a day. More about that later......

Happy Eating!

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