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Friday, February 25, 2011

Weigh-In Day

There are a couple ways to follow the WW program: going to meetings and weigh in and/or particpate online. Which ever works for you is what you should do:) What works for me is weighing in every week. It holds me accountable for what my actions are during the week. The first 6 weeks I weighed in on Sunday but last week I decided to switch it up and go on Saturdays. I really like the leader and the discussion.

Tomorrow I go for my official weigh in 2 weeks. Since I switched it up I wasn't able to have an official weigh in so this will be 2 weeks of lost weight which I hope equates to a big number! I have been working out hard and following my points so I hope it pays off. When I did the 'unofficial' weigh in last Saturday I lost 2 pounds so we will see tomorrow the scales says. I did my best and feel healthy so whatever happens happens!

Here is to a skinny Saturday!

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