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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Skinny Saturdays has continued...

I haven;t been able to make it to good ole WW in about 2 weeks because I have been out of town so I was nervous anxious excited to return back and get weighed in. I knew it I had 1 more pound to lose to reach an even 30 pounds! I thought I would be able to lose this 1 pound since it has come off pretty easily since January....AND I didn't listen to my voice of reason saying: don't get your hopes up too much you did eat out more in June that you have January, February and March COMBINED!!! So I hoped on the scale....took a deep breath and waited for the lovely WW leader Neida to say: You have lost....

.6 pounds! Good job!

My first reaction was a little bittersweet...I am kinda hard on my self but when I took a step back I was like...this is pretty good. It is a tad more than half a pound! That is pretty fantastic and overall I am happy! I am also determined to lose at least .4 pounds by Saturday. What a better way to start my Holiday weekend than the feeling of loosing 30 pounds! I can't believe it....I might have to treat myself to a new bathing suit since I haven't "treated myself" to anything since I lost 20 pounds! (My husband would beg to differ:)

**Wish this was true for me but several people have made it a point to tell me they are happy I am losing weight because I was turning into a "chunkster"**

~Happy Eating!

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  1. Great job! I am 3lbs from reaching my 20lb loss!