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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 20: Naked Chicken Parm

This week for our dinners I decided to try HUngry Girl Chicken Trios. As mentioned previously mentioned these are great dinners for Thursday or Friday because they are very easy to make. I also learned when you plan your main meals with less that 12 ingredients FOR THE ENTIRE week, it makes the grocery bill $80 less than normal:)  Now thats a bandwagon I could jump on:)
Here is the skinny:

5 oz chicken breast
1 WW string cheese
1/4 cup LF marinara sauce

Cook chicken breast in skillet until fully cooked. Meanwhile, chop string cheese until it is cut into little pieces. I found using a food processor works great!

Once chicken is cooked put marinara sauce  and then cheese on top of chicken.  Cover and cook until cheese is melted and enjoy- 1 chicken breast- 8 PP

I also added 2 oz of this awesome pasta I got this weekend at the Lavendar Festival in Blanco, Tx. It is VERY GOOD for what is considered a "healthy" pasta! 4 PP for 2 oz:)

Total Meal: 12 PP

~Happy Eating!

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