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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

UMM Hello...welcome to the conversation

I was taking a break today and ventured to my favorite news outlet: YAHOO!:) They have something for everyone and make for the perfect landing page for someone looking for SOMETHING interesting to take her my mind off numbers:/  Today I cam across this great good article: check it out here!

While it is a great reminder of some helpful tips on loosing weight it is kinda repetitive considering this is the basis of what Weight Watchers is and why it is so amazing. Everyday when I log on to track my delicious oatmeal or the sunflower seeds that I have become slightly addictive to, I see little articles and daily reminders of these helpful hints. The reason I personally love Weight Watchers is because it's REALLY not a diet.  WW teaches you portion control and healthy eating, with an emphasis on filling your belly with healthy foods, rather than junk.

When I clicked on the link, I expected to find something that I didn't know and spent the entire article thinking: "Didn't I read that on WW"...after about 5-10 sentences I realized: this is what makes WW so successful! While I haven't been writing and sharing recipes as much as I should, I have been sticking to making better health choices and was pleasantly surprised that when I went to a bachelorette party this weekend that is wasn't filled with junk food and food that I would regret eating. In fact it was just the opposite! I got to snack and not worry about feeling guilty! I even found a new snack that I will picking up on the next HEB trip! 

So thank you Yahoo! for once again providing me with a quick reminder of how WW is and welcome to the conversation on how to lose weight, make good choices and look good in the bathing suit that I will be living in now since it is Summer AND TEXAS!

~Happy Eating!

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