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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Skinny Saturday on the Scale!

This past Saturday, I got back into the routine of getting back on the scale after a week of eating out! EEK!! I wasn't sure how things were going to pan out but I put my big  medium girl patties on and headed out the WW meeting. I had some things to do before our big 1st wedding anniversary weekend could begin therefore I couldn't stay for the meeting. But that was OK because I lost:

1.2 pounds!!!!!  

I was so excited and happy but just hope that the eating out doesn't catch up to me (Side bar: I did make kinda good choices:) OH well...live and enjoy for today! Am I right!!  This brings my total loss to 28.4 pounds! I still can't believe but I am inching towards my goal!

AND I REALIZED THAT IN THE PAST 5 WEEKS, MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE ONLY EATEN THE SAME DINNER TWICE! I can't believe we have really eaten something different each night in 35 days! Why only 20 posts about the recipes....well I am a little behind and will slowly get back to point! Until then....

~Happy Eating!

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