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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3: Neato-Chili Frito Burrito

My husband bought a Frito Stuff Burrito from Sonic one time and I have to admit it looked tasty. I am a sucker for Fritos and chili! SO it was fantastic when I found this AWESOME recipe! Here are the details:

1/3 C of low-fat turkey or veggie chili
1 medium- large high fiber flour tortilla with about 110 calories
2 tablespoons with FF cheddar cheese
10 Fritos

Microwave chili for about 1 minute

Microwave tortilla for about 10 seconds

Spoon chili down the tortilla and cover with the cheese and then top with the fritos

Wrap tortilla like a burrito  and place burrito seam side down on the plate and microwave until hot- about 30 seconds!


1 Burrito: 5 PP
** When I was looking on WW online tools I saw that the SONIC burrito is 18 points and it is the same size...I think mine is WAY BETTER!**

~Happy Eating!