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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cooking for Two

When I was cooking for ONE while being on WW, I always thought about how difficult it was and couldn't wait until I was cooking for 2 or more! Now i have a wonderful husband that loves to eat but it is still difficult.  Sometimes, halving the recipe works but most of the time it is best to leave the recipe the way it is.

For example, tonight we cooking Four Cheese Maccaroni that has 9 servings. I looked at cutting it in half it became VERY difficult.  These are the times I wish we had a children to cook for. But then when I go to HEB to get supplies and the children running all over the place I realize I don't mind having AWESOME leftovers instead of cooking for my wonderful little family:) As a great friend recently stated " In due time all great things will come"! Check out my reciepe for Four Cheese Maccaroni soon!

-Happy Eating!

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