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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recovering Fast Food Junkie

Today I needed to run to the mall during my lunch hour and was not able to go home and have my usual lunch.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I could have one of my new favorite lunches from an old FAST FOOD FAVORITE…WENDY’s!!

As admitted in a previous post, I was a Whataburger addict.  To be really honest, I love fast food in general.   When living on WW this time I decided to find something that was filling AND satisfied me when I wanted to grab something on the go. I kinda stumbled this accidentally on a Saturday when we needed to grab lunch before going grocery shopping ( A MUST WHEN SHOPPING WITH MY HUSBAND!).

This great filling meal is only 10 PP!

1 Jr. Hamburger- 6 PP:

1 Small Chili- 4 PP:

You can also add 3 saltine crackers for 1 PP!

This meal not only is great on the go but it is quite filling! I highly recommend picking up this when you want to satisfy your “Fast Food” feeling!

Happy Eating!


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