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I am a newlywed in my twenties. I love life and everything it brings me. I love finding a good deal, online news junkie and watching TV. I am learning how to eat healthier by following the Weight Watcher Points Plus Program!! 'Nothing Tastes as Good as SKINNY FEELS'

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's the Little Things

Yesterday was my weekly weigh in also known as Skinny Saturday.  This past week stuck to the program and was pretty good. I didn't get in my usual workouts but I did get in some activity so i did the best I could.  I got on the scale, took a deep breath and closed my eyes: I lost

.4 pounds! 

I know this might not seem like a lot and it isn't BUT it is something and that is awesome!  Looking back at the past 3 weeks I have lost 5.6 in 3 weeks! I am very satisfied and happy with the numbers that the scale is telling more. Even better I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with what the mirror and body are telling me! I am going to keep on keeping on and doing what i have been doing because it has been working!

-Happy Eating!

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