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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Green Tea

As I have mentioned before I have developed a new fondness to drinking tea. I have not found an article that I completely trust  enough to post but I can tell what I have experienced. I drink about 5 glasses of 12 oz of 'flavored' green tea:

1. Biggalow Flavored Tea is really good.
2. I am not hungry during the time from lunch and dinner.
3. I go to the bathroom about 10293829308 times a day.
4. It has a calming affect.

There you have it! My discoveries are not scientific but they are what I have experienced. I have a this variety pack that has: peach, mango, lemon, pomegranate, mint and another flavor that I do not know the name but it tastes like Christmas in my mouth! I ordered it online and have not found it in stores but I am on the look out:
I did purchase the Lipton Variety pack at HEB and it did not taste the same. My husband said it tasted like "green tea" which I might add I have never tasted the plain version and after tasting Liptons, I don't think I want to! Luckily it was only $1.15 for 18 tea bags.

I thought I would share this. I will keep in touch to see if this has helped in the shrinking of the scale numbers!

Happy Drinking!


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