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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Damn....you looking good girl!

I will never reveal what my dress size was when I started WW (at least not until I get down to a size I feel comfortable sharing:) But there does come a time when doing any weight loss program that you put on your favorite dress or pair of pants or skirt and notice that things are starting to feel a little loose.  Last week it was a pair of my favorite pair of pants that were ONE size down from my 'starting' dress size.  Today it was a cute pair dressy shorts that I used to LOVE wearing that are TWO sizes down from what my 'starting' dress size.

It felt so incredible and totally makes up for the crazy horrible morning that followed me at work:(.  When I looked in the mirror on the way out the door I didn't frown and think: " Damn...you a big girl" because I heard: " Damn...you looking good girl!".  My husband is spectacular! Sometimes we I need this boost to help me keep going.

During the first couple of weeks of loosing weight it seemed as if nothing was dramitically different. I carry alot of weight in my face so I noticed that first.  My daily mantra was: "Those pounds did not appear over night and I cannot expect them to drop over night".  But now that my clothes are starting to feel different and it means......


But I can't go just yet because I KNOW I will loose more inches and shed more pounds! Until then my I will go shopping in my closet for my "newly" discovered clothes!

Happy Eating,


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