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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today was my weekly weigh in.  I had a very good week and used my daily points ever day as well as half of my weekly points. I thought about what I was putting in my mouth and made better decisions.  I worked out every day for about 30 minutes a day.

I did my usual routine on weigh in day! Got dressed with the 'sorta' the same outfit ( I wore a black shirt instead of white:) I was hoping for big numbers...well just a minus number instead of a positive;) BUT whatever the outcome was I feel better and my clothes are for sure fitting loosly.

So I stepped on the scale, took a deep breath, remembered that I had a GREAT week and no matter what that number was I was going to be ok.  Then I heard the lady say:

1.8 LBS!!!

I am not going to lie...it felt great. It is a great feeling that my hard work pad off. Well, it wasn't really "work" but MY LIFE. I feel great and look good. I celebrated by buying a new shirt for myself. I love it and it looks good with a newly discovered pair of shorts that now fit perfect instead of a little snug.  

Thank you for all of your kind words that you have sent as they really help motivate me.  I am off to the neighbors' house for a bar-b-que for which I am brining Jalepeno Poppers and Guacamole (both recipes I found on the WW online tools!).  I will post the details later.  When I was cooking the mentioned items I saw a commercial about WW with Jennifer Hudson.  She states "Becuase it works!" and boy is she right! 

Have a super Saturday!

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